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Helmet Shields

Helmet Shields apply to full face style helmets. Often designated as on-road helmets, the full face style is available in standard and modular format. These two helmet styles require a different format of visor for optimal visibility and aerodynamics. These shields are available in standard model and specialty materials.

PHX Full Face and Modular Helmet Shields

PHX shields have a special hydrophobic coating that helps prevent bugs, grime and pollution from sticking to the shield. However, any shields will still sustain scratches from debris over time and must be monitored. To learn about maintenance, cleaning and re-installation of your helmet shield please see the PHX helmet shield care section.

PHX Specialty Shields

Darkly tinted, smoke, black and mirrored shields are designed to reduce the light that permeates the shield. They are meant for riding in very bright, sunny conditions.

YOU SHOULD NEVER WEAR THESE SHEILDS AT NIGHT OR IN WEATHER WITH REDUCED VISIBILITY. In fact, you should make sure that you know your local, provincial/state and national laws regarding the use of these shields they could be illegal in your region.

To learn about maintenance, cleaning and re-installation of your PHX specialty helmet shield please see the PHX Helmet Shield Care Specialty Shields section.

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