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Helmet Placement

Whether your just taking a break or you’re putting your bike away for the winter months you should always take care to store your helmet on a flat and secure surface that won’t expose it to the leading cause of helmet damage; getting knocked over! Placing it on the ground may be preferable to on your seat – as it could fall off and loose some protective integrity. For the same reason, never hang your helmet on the motorcycle's mirrors, turn signals, or on the backrest. Also, on some bikes placing the helmet on the fuel take could expose it harmful fumes.

If you plan to use a CB radio while riding make sure your helmet model is designed to accommodate speakers. NEVER DRILL HOLES IN THE OUTER SHELL. Also be aware of your local, state and provincial laws to ensure that CB speakers are not prohibited.

Inner Lining

The inner liner can easily be damaged from the poor handling described above. Further, you should avoid carrying a spare helmet on your motorcycle, unless it is very well protected - even the bumps from a normal ride can damage a spare helmet. Never strap a helmet near hot engine parts or exhaust pipes, as this may melt and distort the inner lining of the helmet, even if the damage is not obvious on the outside.

Helmet Shield Care

When servicing your helmet, use a small quantity of petroleum jelly (e.g. Vaseline) to help lubricate the shield’s moving parts. NEVER APPLY JELLY DIRECTLY TO THE SHIELD – THIS WILL REDUCE VISIBILITY.

To reduce the risk of accidents and serious injury it is absolutely critical that you ensure that your helmet’s shield is in top form before each and every ride.

The shield quality will deteriorate through the normal exposures of riding, including impact with debris, bugs and microscopic particulates. To protect the shield and to reduce long-term wear and tear, regular cleaning is highly recommended. Gently wash the shield with warm water and a soft clean cloth. Never rub the shield with a paper towel or other coarse material.

NOTE: Never attempt to clean the shield while riding. ALWAYS PULL OVER AND STOP TO CLEAN THE SHIELD.

Shield Removal

It is important to follow the proper procedure while removing and re-installing your helmet shield. Improper installation will compromise the safety provided by your helmet.

PHX Helmets have a very simple shield removal mechanism system. No tools are required.

  1. Open the shield and locate the shield spring pin
  2. Pull downward on this component to release the mechanism. The shield will 'pop out’ or release very gently.
  3. Repeat gently on other side for total removal.

To reattach the shield:

  1. Find the shield’s central circular mechanism
  2. Push the spring-loaded point on to the helmet ratchet plate
  3. Apply moderate and equal pressure to both sides using your hands to latch the shield onto the guide pins
  4. Gently close the shield
  5. To check that the shield is correctly fixed, open and close the shield several times before using the helmet

NOTE: incorrect reattachment could cause shield to shear or to fall off while riding.

Some PHX helmets share a common shield system, others do not. Please ensure any new shield purchased is for the proper year, model and subtype of helmet.

PHX Helmet Shield Care – Specialty Shields

Even greater care must be given to tinted, smoked, blackened and mirrored/reflective shields. The engineering processes involved with these shields means that they can be damaged more easily by debris than regular shields. If you have a PHX specialty shield, make sure you take special care to protect its integrity.

PHX Helmet Shield Seal

All PHX helmet shields are engineered with strong seals that prevent rain and wind penetration. The sealing technology will operate optimally only when the shield’s ratchet system is property aligned. If you feel the ratchet system becoming loose, gently tighten its screws or contact your local dealer for assistance.

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